The Amphibex 600 comes with a variety of interchangeable accessories as standard equipment that helps it adapt to a great number of tasks. Conventional bucket and variable speed hydraulic bucket-pump, with cutter, three meter wide rake... Added to this standard equipment is a series of optional accessories making it possible to adapt the machine according to the requirements of work needed to be done.

  • For a complete listing of the standard equipment, consult the technical specifications of the product.
  • For the adaptable options for the Amphibex 600 that fit your particular needs,
    contact us.

Positioning System

The Amphibex 600 positioning system can be fitted with very sophisticated GPS technology, particularly useful when pumping contaminated sediments. Day or night, these systems are used to determine precisely where the amphibious excavator should be.

Propulsion system

Conceived to have maximum power with minimal disturbance, the Amphibex 600 propulsion system has achieved its goals. It can sail at 5 to 8 knots and is set above the water and its shallow propeller protects marine vegetation and avoids moving the sediment layers deposited at the bottom of the bodies of water.

Stabilizers and floats

Its front and rear stabilizers (adjustable and tilting) also give the Amphibex 600 all the mobility necessary to move over ground and to adequately position itself for shoreline or marine work. They also give the amphibious general purpose excavator the necessary balance to operate effectively on all kinds of bodies of water. They also get sets of side floats/stabilizers for the balance necessary on agitated water.

The C18 Caterpillar engine

Equipped with Caterpillar C18 diesel engine with 700 hp and 765 hp, the Amphibex 600 general purpose excavators have all the power necessary and are low polluters.

The cab

The air-conditioned Amphibex cabin offers all the comfort and visibility necessary for the operation of the amphibious general purpose excavator during long hours. The ergonomic position of the various manipulation arms of the hydraulic controls and GPS navigation system contribute to make the work of the operator comfortable and simple.

In addition, the seat and controllers can move from the left to the right of the cabin to facilitate the visibility and manoeuvrability during work near structures.